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GATA in the Press

GATA, gold price suppression make London Times

Section: GATA in the Press

Is There Any Gold Inside Fort Knox, the World's Most Secure Vault?

By Chris Ayres
The Times, London
Saturday, March 28, 2009

Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Article: Is Gold Being Manipulated?

Section: GATA in the Press

Is Gold Being Manipulated?

By Joel Bainerman Haaretz, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Considering the erratic behavior of gold this last month, with the price reaching $540 before falling to $490, it may be a good time to ask whether the price of gold is being manipulated.

One of the most vocal proponents of such a theory is Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.

As Gold Rallies, a Fringe Claims Victory

Section: GATA in the Press

By Gordon Pitts

The Globe and Mail, Toronto

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bill Murphy believes the forces of darkness are finally on the run.

The U.S. gold bug is claiming victory over the central bankers, the political heavies, and the conspiracy of silence that has kept his message of gold market manipulation out of the U.S. media.

Metal Bulletin - Buried Treasure

Section: GATA in the Press

Buried Treasure

By Josephine Mason
Metal Bulletin
September 12, 2004

Bill Murphy is fired up. He's been fired up for a good five years now -- ever since he claims to have unearthed evidence that the price of gold was being suppressed by a gold "cartel," operated by global financial institutions, including the U.S. Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund.

Smart Money Magazine - The Return of the Goldbugs

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Insight Magazine - 'Strong Dollar' Hides Weak Policy

Section: GATA in the Press

By Kelly Patricia O Meara

Royalty bows and curtsies, nations tremble and financial institutions begin to stammer when threatened by three words: "strong-dollar policy." For a phrase that has risen from the swamps of the dismal science only within the last decade, it nonetheless has taken on a kind of Godzilla status in the global economic community. And while the worlds of pundits, technocrats and economic seers have held their breath awaiting official support for such a "policy" by each successive administration, there are many who believe the phrase is nothing more than the federal equivalent of "Gesundheit!"

Quote Magazine, The Netherlands - GOLD! How a Bank conspiracy ruins the world economy!

Section: GATA in the Press

The time to buy gold is when blood is in the streets, Nathan Rotchild once said. With crashing equity markets, the WTC changed into Ground Zero and an army crossing the desert, those words seems to have a certain prophecy value. For the first time in 20 years, the price of gold increased by 35%. But gold investors (so called Gold bugs) aren’t satisfied yet. The WTC disaster and the Iraq war is only background noise. The price of gold should have been much higher already years ago they say, with or without war !

Insight Magazine - Panic is Near if 'The Gold is Gone'

Section: GATA in the Press

By Kelly Patricia O Meara

Gold. It's been called a barbarous relic, and those who focus on its historic role as a standard of value frequently are labeled "lunatic fringe." Given the recent highs in the gold market, it looks like the crazies have been having a hell of a year. With the stock market taking its third yearly loss, gold returned nearly 30 percent to investors, moving from $255 an ounce to six-year highs of $380.

Al-Hayat, London - "A Gold Cartel Aims at Destroying the Economies of Developing Countries."

Section: GATA in the Press

There is a storm in the money markets caused by the distribution of a report prepared by Mr. John Embry, a senior analyst with the Royal Bank of Canada, the largest bank in Canada. The storm, which spread rapidly, south to the US, and as far as China, stemmed from the fact that Mr. Embry, in his report, supported the basic assumptions that have been promoted by a group known as GATA, short for Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. In essence, GATA has been promoting the notion that there exists an international conspiracy to suppress the price of gold through dumping it in large quantities on world markets, and that this conspiracy is managed by a number of central and commercial banks.

South China Morning Post Features RBC Report, GATA's Work.

Section: GATA in the Press

Missive Adds Weight to Gold Conspiracy Theory

South China Morning Post, June 25, 2002

The gold bugs got a boost at the weekend. An investment letter by John Embry, a money manager with the Royal Bank of Canada, appeared to back the central argument of conspiracy theorists who for more than three years have been crowing about the co-ordinated attempt to keep the yellow metal low.

According to the theory, the United States Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, a consortium of Wall Street banks headed by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, and others ganged together in the mid-1990s to keep the price of gold at less than US$290 an ounce.