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GATA in the Press

RBC Global Investment Management Inc., Royal Bank of Canada's Investment House, Endorses GATA's Case.

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Clearly, with gold stocks on a tear as the gold price moves laboriously forward battling the fervent attempts to suppress it, one must be comfortable with the notion that the gold price is going to overcome the forces that are aligned against it. What is happening today is no different than what was happening in the late '60s and the very early '70s, when the Gold Pool was in existence and the gold price was contained at $35 per oz. by a consortium of central banks that dumped a considerable amount of gold to keep prices down. Today, instead of the overt action of yesteryear, it is covert because the market is allegedly free, and it has entailed a different mechanism, which has resulted in a humongous physical short position. In addition, there has been an enormous amount of derivatives piled on top, which could make the ultimate upside explosion all the more spectacular.

Bugged byGold: A Simmering Debate on the Economics of Gold Has Taken a Turn

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By Jane Bussey, Miami Herald, June 9, 2002

As Gold Fields Ltd. moved up in the world last month -- debuting on the Big Board -- the South African mining company tapped anti-apartheid crusader Nelson Mandela to help ring in what they hope is a new era in the world of gold.

Once the source of the riches of kings, in recent years gold had ceded its spot as a
financial hedge in troubled times to the mighty dollar and bubbling Nasdaq. Those

New York Post - "Silence May Not Be Golden at J.P.Morgan Chase"

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New York Post

by John Crudele

NOT too many people would recognize the name Dinsa Mehta, at least not outside the rarefied world of J.P. Morgan Chase's executive suite. But it was a rumor about Mehta's employment status at the bank that had the world gold market buzzing last week.

For the record, Mehta is still working for J.P. Morgan Chase, where he's been for 26 years. But he is thinking of leaving after a major shake-up reduced his responsibilities as head of global commodity risk management and global foreign exchange.

Gold Aims to Recapture Its Lustre as a Safe Hedge in Troubled Times

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Source: Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
Publication date: 2002-04-03

Apr. 3--After years of playing the part of Cinderella to other more-favoured financial assets, gold is finally shaking off its dowdy image and taking a shot at gaining the prize for best-performing asset market of 2002.

Since 1997, $300 (UKpound 208) an ounce has been a ceiling for gold as a combination of central bank auctions and lending to hedge funds, forward sales by gold producers and the much-touted death of inflation conspired to keep the price well below its historic high of $870 hit in 1980.

GATA Urges Support For Congressmen Ron Paul's Gold Transparency Bill

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 4, 2002--Research by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. has been cited by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, in support of his legislative proposal to prevent the U.S. government from intervening in the gold market without authorization from Congress.

Paul's Monetary Freedom and Accountability Act, H.R. 3732, originates in concerns that the U.S. government, acting through the Federal Reserve Board, the Treasury Department, and the Exchange Stabilization Fund, has been surreptitiously suppressing the gold price in order to distort general measures of the U.S. and world economies.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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By Kelly Patricia O'Meara
Insight Magazine
March 4, 2002, edition Posted February 8, 2002

Even though Enron employees and the company's accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, have destroyed mountains of documents, enough information remains in the ruins of the nation's largest corporate bankruptcy to provide a clear picture of what happened to wreck what once was the seventh-largest U.S. corporation.

GATA Coverage (Picture) from The National Post (Canada)

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GATA Coverage (Picture) from The National Post (Canada)

Paul Introduces Legislation Requiring Congressional Approval of Treasury Gold Dealings

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Le Metropole Members,

The following dispatch was just sent to me by Norman Singleton, Congressmen Ron Paul's Legislative Aide. Next week The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee will begin an all-out campaign to build support for this bill throughout Congress. That can be done by contacting members of Congress and advising them of the importance of this issue, etc. More on that to come.

New African Magazine - Gold In Court

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A US court is to decide whether or not to allow a civil suit, which alleges that American government officials and other international banks conspired to manipulate the gold market to the detriment of African gold producers, to continue to the discovery stage.

Reginald Howe, an American lawyer, filed the case in December last year against the US Treasury, the Bank for International Settlements (based in Switzerland), the US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve president William McDonough, and the former US treasury secretary Lawrence Summers.

New African Magazine - Why King Gold Has No Clothes

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... manipulation of the world gold market exposed!

Poor Africa: the more our miners work, the less we get

FLASHBACK: In September 1999, in our story on page 8 headlined "Gold: Deliberate Destruction", written by our assistant editor, Regina Jere Malanda, we reported:

"Plans by Western nations and the IMF to sell their gold reserves and use the proceeds to fund debt relief for poorer countries are mired in curious mendacity. By selling their gold and causing the collapse of the gold industry in Africa, the West is destroying - with impunity - the very African countries they claim to be helping.