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Gold Rush 21

the most important money in the world, in a world at risk. leading commentators and economists reveal facts and evidence of one of the most important and dramatic issues today... the global manipulation of the gold market. The Gold Rush 21 conference DVD records the proceedings of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's Gold Rush 21 Conference held August 7-9 2005, in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. This historic conference exposed the manipulation of the gold market by central banks and concluded with the adoption of the Dawson Declaration, an appeal for the liberation of the precious metals markets as a matter of international human rights. The Gold Rush 21 DVD set includes a 25 minute introduction summarizing the event, and eight hours of speaker presentation. Featuring:

  • John Brimelow
  • Jeffrey P. Dahl
  • John Embry
  • Antal E. Fekete
  • Alf Field
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Adam Fleming
  • Peter George
  • Reginald H. Howe
  • Robert K. Landis
  • Ferdinand Lips
  • J.K. Mortensen
  • Bill Murphy
  • Chris Powell
  • Hugo Salinas Price
  • J.P. Schumacher
  • James Turk

Watch the 24 Minute Summary Video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3