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9 March 1999

GATA Members,

Gold has been up four days in a row, to a spot price of $292 today.

Go GATA, Go Gold!

$325 by Easter? Judging from Midas du Metropole this evening Why not?

For those of you who are not yet members at Le Metropole Cafe
(, or on a fortnight free trial there, here is a
teaser from Midas' offering at the James Joyce Table an hour or two ago:

The Best Law Firm for the Action

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA members,

Here is an initiative to follow. In response to the GATA Committee call
for ACTION NOW, Dr Sam Martirosian has written to Newport as a
shareholder, drawing attention to GATA and thanking Newport for NOT
HEDGING. You other shareholders out there, confront the mining companies
that ARE hedging, thank the mining companies that ARE NOT. Let the
emails flow!!!

Your GO GATA Moderator, Bodvin.

A Shareholder''s Initiative

Section: Daily Dispatches

by Ken Reser

After GO GATA gave such over-rated praise for my help, I must respond to
the request for some comments for our own GATA Forum, where I am in the
best of company.

Gold liberated by Easter you say? I hope you are right!

I'm one who never took up a political cause as there hasn't been any
particular politician in my voting reach worth the time. Now it is


Section: Daily Dispatches

Hullo GATA Members,

Here are GATA-related tidbits from the technically detailed and more
fully informative Midas*, posted this evening at the James Joyce Table,
Le Metropole Cafe(

. . .
# We have received information from around the world that all fits
together. First, we have heard of some big player producers that are
very concerned about the appearance of "colluding" with the bullion

Tidbits from Midas du Metropole

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members,

Here is a first reaction to the information that GATA chairman, Bill
Murphy, "let out of the bag" yesterday, namely that GATA is intent on
appointing the best law firm for the ACTION, Berger and Montague.

To: Bill Murphy
From: RH Saturday, Mar 6 1999 6:31PM
Berger & Montague. Whoa, these guys are winners! Were I the shorts when
I read those names, I'd just cover! Right then, no fights. Street

VIEWPOINT, Gold Coins and Indian Deposit Scheme

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hullo GATA Members,

Here is a story that I (Boudewijn Wegerif, the GO GATA Moderator) know
you will appreciate.


In the last day or so, I have noticed very ACTIVE promotion of GATA on
the Gold Eagle and Kitco forums, and very often alright, let's be
honest, most often still from somebody signing himself as YGM. If all
you other GATA supporters got as active for GATA as YGM it could be

GATA Featured at Kitco This Evening

Section: Daily Dispatches

Friends of GATA and Gold,


Beginning with gold coins. As you know, the growth in sales in recent
months has been dramatic. During the first six months of calendar year
1998 average monthly sales of American Eagles were about 96,500 ounces a
month. In the second half of the year sales climbed to an average of is now open for visitors

Section: Daily Dispatches

Friends of GATA and gold,

GATA is getting brilliant promotion at the Kitco Gold Discussion group
this evening (USA time). Go over, if you can -- to -- and add your VIEWPOINT .

First, at 17.43, Lady_Bug, in a copyrighted piece, wrote, inter alia

We have been told by very well informed sources from
around the world that GATA is actually having some effect
in that we have raised the awareness level about

WGC Urges IMF to Lift Ban on Gold Pegging

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hullo GATA members!

This is to let you know that is now open.

The new website was created to provide immediate access to the full GATA
story, information about the GATA committee, media updates, links, and
more. It is the home site for the GATA Email Discussion Group, which
will continue as a forum for members' VIEWPOINTS and Gold Related
Information. Through the GATA Discussion Group we can together create

The Price of Gold Sets the Price of Oil and All Else

Section: Daily Dispatches

Gold Flash25 February 1999
From the World Gold Council

The World Gold Council has urged IMF leaders to lift their ban on member
countries' pegging their currencies to gold.

In a speech to participants at a two-day meeting in New York, organised
by the Re-inventing Bretton Woods Committee, and attended by senior
officials of the IMF, the World Bank, the European Central Bank and
other national central banks, the Council said that efforts by the IMF