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An audit of U.S. gold wanted

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA Member,

I strongly recommend you go to In
doing so, I am following the recommendation of Orlin Grebbe at The website is that of Princeton Economic

About a thousand words down you will read, under charts I cannot
reproduce here:

"Illustrated above, you will find the Dow Jones Industrials plotted
according to 8.6-month intervals beginning with June 4th, 1929 in

More cc Letters to Saxton, and Good Quotes

Section: Daily Dispatches

Friends of GATA and Gold,

Here are two easy to understand, clear explanations of why and how the
price of gold is being deliberately depressed, and why world leaders are
so keen for the IMF to sell off what is really an insignificant amount
of gold in itself. There is good material here for using in your e-mail
letters to Congressman Jim Saxton, of the Congressional Joint Economic
Committee, other congressmen, senators, the media and gold websites.***

Easy to Read Explanations -- Useful for E-mail Campaign

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members!

GATA is moving forward with your support and active engagement in
spreading the word. Through the GATA E-mail group, you are making
actions for GATA known to other members, while drawing encouragement and
inspiration for further action.

Specifically, the GATA E-mail group is for you to:

# share your VIEWPOINTS about the Gold Anti-Trust Action and related
gold issues

Three Letters to Congressman Saxton

Section: Daily Dispatches

Friends of GATA and Gold,

Ken Reser, the Yukon Gold Miner, "YGM", who has done so much to promote
GATA through the gold websites and media, is heading out to camp
tomorrow if the weather holds. This is to wish him well, and to express
the hope that what he has started will now be taken up by other GATA
members. We also want to share Ken's return thanks to the GATA Committee
for its efforts to free gold.

Ken Reser is heading to camp, with our thanks echoing his!

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members,

Here are the cc of four more letters to Congressman Jim Saxton, probable
Vice-Chairman to be of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee.

(Congressman Saxton's e-mail address is For
e-mailing the Senate surf to:, where all senators are

Press Reports

Section: Daily Dispatches

by Farfel

GATA's plea for gold investors to mount write-in campaigns to senators,
congressmen, and gold mining executives is certainly a good start. Yet,
more fuel must be added to the fire.

GATA must also go after Big Media as well, particularly giants such as
CNBC that constantly purvey anti-gold agitprop to the public on both
conscious and subliminal bases.Start at square one: there is a

VIEWPOINT: Don''t Forget The Big Media

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members,

Here is an extract from what GATA Committee Chairman, Bill Murphy, had
to say, this evening - March 16 - in a letter to Le Metropole Members.
He was letting off quite some steam about the obvious collusion in the
last few days to keep the gold price depressed, and making important
points about the technical impropriety, along with the hypocrisy
attached to Clinton's renewed call on the I.M.F. to sell gold.

The hypocrisy gets Bill Murphy "doggone mad!"

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA Members,


Bill Murphy, GATA chairman, has invited GATA members to write to
Congressman Jim Saxton, the Congressional Joint Economic Committee's
Vice-Chairman to be. GATA members Steve Hickel, Sam Martirosian and Bob
Prange responded immediately (See below). When you have read their
letters, after the background information to this GATA email campaign,

Can a Leopard Change Its Spots

Section: Daily Dispatches

GATA Members!

GO GATA again:

Here is a must read; lifted off the Hemingway Table at Le Metropole Cafe
half an hour ago. If anybody still has lingering doubts about
# Federal Reserve Board Chairman Greenspan being in a hopeless fix,
# the manic nineties being like the roaring twenties all over again,
this will put them right.

BTW, there is another Midas offering at the James Joyce table

More about Greenspan, and the 1990s relative to the 20s

Section: Daily Dispatches

GATA members

Here is a statement just received from Dr. Larry Parks, Executive
Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary
Education (FAME -- at website email

In prepared testimony today for the Subcommittee on Capital
Markets, Securities, and GSE's of the House Committee on
Banking and Financial Services, Dr. Larry Parks, Executive
Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary