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Four Action Messages, Tice on Derivatives, and Kosovo info S

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA Members,

Here is a contribution from FARFEL, just received, in response to gold
now falling below the critical $280 level:

GOLDBUGS. . . are you angry yet???

I first appeared on the Kitco forum about two years ago. As many of you
remembered, at that time, I attempted, in my own small way, to rouse
goldbugs and encourage activism against Wall Street's gold short
colluders and their accessories in crime. I did so through usage of
various slogans, including "CHANGE THE PERCEPTION," and "I DON'T CARE,

When I use the word "crime" in referring to the activities of the gold
shorts, I do so since I feel that the type of market rigging, cronyism,
and anti-trust activity practised by the Clinton administration and Wall
Street is purely criminal. It is leading America to ultimate
ruin,having resulted in the creation of bubble stock and bond markets.

From my first appearance on this forum, certain posters accused me of
severe emotionalism, propagandistic tactics, etc. They denounced me for
"sour grapes" in failing to properly interpret the market.

However, I always submitted that, where gold and silver are concerned,
there is no longer a true free market. My opinion on that matter
remains the same today...even more so.

Anyway, here is a small list of things a goldbug can do today (and
tomorrow) to "change the perception:

1) Attend a Barrick shareholder meeting and DISRUPT IT! Demand to know
why this major gold produer is hedging gold to the detriment of the
entire gold industry, including Barrick itself (note the slowly falling
ABX share price).

2) Attend an Anglogold shareholder meeting and DISRUPT IT! Demand to
know why this major gold producer is hedging gold to the detriment of
the entire gold industry.

3) Contact the managements of every single one of your gold investments
and demand they terminate all gold hedging activities. If they refuse,
attend their respective shareholder meetings and DISRUPT THEM! Gold
hedging is purely detrimental to the price of gold and is designed to
keep a cap on the gold price. Why does IBM not hedge its computer
sales? Why does Intel not hedge its chip sales? Why does Coca Cola not
hedge its sales of Coke Classic? Because in a world in which aggregate
demand for a commoodity or product is falling (or aggregate supply is
far outstripping potential demand), then it makes absolutely no sense to
employ massive industry-wide hedging unless one wishes to drive the
price of a commodity (or product) into the ground.

4) Mount a massive E-Mail campaign against the World Gold Council.
Demand that they either adopt more effective pro-gold tactics or else
dismantle the organization. Demand the resignation of the current
notably ineffective executive body of the WGC.

5) Flood the Senate and Congress with E-Mails on a DAILY basis and
demand that they investigate the gold market in this country. Let them
know in no uncertain terms that you will hold them responsible for the
collapse of the domestic gold industry UNLESS they pressure the Clinton
administration and Wall Street to end their ceaseless anti-gold actions
and agitprop.

6) Assist in creation of a Gold Industry March on Washington and Wall
Street. Gold investors, unemployed miners, etc. should mass on the
steps of these various Establishment institutions and create an uproar.

7) Launch a massive awareness campaign, both private and public, aimed
at Goldman Sachs PRIOR to its IPO. Make potential investors aware of
GOLDMAN's role in shorting gold and demand a full revelation of their
gold loan status. Make life miserable for this they have
made your lives miserable too.

8) Join GATA and assist the organization in its quest to unveil the full
extent of criminal activity occurring within the PM markets.
Of course, these are but a few of the many methodologies that can be
utilized toward redressing the neverending downward spiral in the gold
market. No doubt, many of you have other suggestions.Let us hear