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Sunday Message, from Bodwin

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA members,

We have had a strong rebut from Dr Gary Matthews to the Farfel posting
of yesterday. Dr Matthews, whom I know as Doc, was one of the first to
support me when I risked all to start Le Metropole Cafe in May 1998, and
he was right there with a pledge of $500 within two days of the Gold
Anti-Trust Action Launch. Now he has written:

"As you well know, I have been with you from the very beginning. I
believe I was among the first to subscribe to Le Metropole, and "Johnny
on the spot" with a GATA contribution. I have agreed with the approach
that you have undertaken with legal representation and with our
political representatives.

"I strongly disagree with the most of the recommendations recently made
by Farfel and assume they are endorsed by GATA. These are tactics
commonly used by such organizations such as Sierra Club and Greenpeace.
I have never liked the way they go about things, and have therefore
never been associated with either, or supported them financially. I
believe there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things, and
Farfel's way is the wrong way as far as I'm concerned."

I have responded right away, to reassure Doc that Farfel is only one
guy, one voice and does not represent us, nor is he on the GATA website.
Our strategy is the Shaka Zulu strategy that I have set out at the Cafe,
and which has also been posted to the GATA E-mail Group.
There is nothing of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace direct action tactics
about Shaka Zulu. Perhaps there has been a big misunderstanding here.
The endorsement by GATA members of the strategy that we have adopted
will help the GATA cause and, I am sure, will set Doc Matthew's mind at

All the best,

Bill Murphy,
GATA Chairman.