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Daily Dispatches

WHITHER GOLD? a Brilliant Essay

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members,

In this posting are four GATA E-mail Campaign Action Messages, and an
extract from an essay by David Tice of the Prudent Bear Fund on the true
position on derivatives as opposed to that given by FED Chairman, Alan
Greenspan. Plus a final word on where to find in-depth information on
what is happening in Kosovo.


Richard Harmon writes:

Four Action Messages, Tice on Derivatives, and Kosovo info S

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA Members,

Here is a contribution from FARFEL, just received, in response to gold
now falling below the critical $280 level:

GOLDBUGS. . . are you angry yet???

I first appeared on the Kitco forum about two years ago. As many of you
remembered, at that time, I attempted, in my own small way, to rouse
goldbugs and encourage activism against Wall Street's gold short
colluders and their accessories in crime. I did so through usage of

From Farfel, just received

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear fellow-members of GATA,

Gold is the key to culture.
Take gold out of the economy and you take the heart out of the economy.
Take the heart out of the economy and culture is destroyed.

Culture? what is culture?
Culture happens when the individuals that make-up a society reach for
the sky, dig deep for love, and establish heaven to earth values to live

Dig deep for love? what is love?

Message from Bill Murphy

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA Members,

Here is a digest of an important contribution to the Pro-Gold stand,
WHITHER GOLD? The essay was first published in 1996 and won the author,
Antal E. Fekete, of the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, GUATEMALA, the
1996 International Currency Prize. This digest was originally prepared
for the Neue Zrcher Zeitung. It, and the full text, can be read at:, (digest)

Princeton Address Correction:

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA members,

GATA member Jim Bruce has been in sales, marketing, advertising and PR
for 47 of his 60 years. He has written to GATA offering his help. "I
Will be glad to offer suggestions with the purpose of holding folks
longer on our WEB site, attracting more bucks and more members. Negative
hype in the press leads to public misperception, which, as we have so
many time seen, results in price suppression. Without some form of shock


Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA members,

I am preparing a number of postings for tomorrow and Saturday. In the
meantime, here is message from Bill Murphy, GATA chairman, which has
also been shared with Le Metropole Cafe members:

GATA's Thundering Herd!

GATA is on the march. The Committee is headed to
Philadelphia tomorrow (25 March) to meet with our future Berger
& Montague attorneys.

We expect to have the necessary funds soon to retain

Princeton Economics Predicts April 8 into 9 CRASH

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hullo GATA members,

Some of you have been having difficulty getting to Princeton Economics
International (not Institute. The problem is in the 1 instead of l it
seems. Sorry about that. I normally paste addresses over, but it has
been difficult to maintain absolute order in the face of the overload on
the Internet lately, and the consequent time struggles. It often works
to use the search engine when one has difficulties like this. I find

Sharing info about gold sites, and an exchange of e-mails

Section: Daily Dispatches

Hello GATA Members!

GATA is moving forward with your support and active engagement in
spreading the word. Through the GATA E-mail group, you are making your
actions for GATA known to other members, while drawing encouragement and
inspiration for further action.

Specifically, the GATA E-mail group is for you to:

# share your VIEWPOINTS about the Gold Anti-Trust Action and related
gold issues

Sharing info about gold sites, and an exchange of e-mails

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear Friends of GATA and Gold,

In response to a query from a GATA member, we share some information
about the U.S. gold reserves and Fort Knox. This is followed by a small
miscellany of members' postings, to interest and, with respect to GATA
taking over Governor's Island, Manhattan, perhaps amuse you.

FOR GATA, For Gold,

Boudewijn Wegerif (Bodwin)
Moderator GATA E-mail Group
- - - - -

An audit of U.S. gold wanted

Section: Daily Dispatches

Dear GATA Member,

I strongly recommend you go to In
doing so, I am following the recommendation of Orlin Grebbe at The website is that of Princeton Economic

About a thousand words down you will read, under charts I cannot
reproduce here:

"Illustrated above, you will find the Dow Jones Industrials plotted
according to 8.6-month intervals beginning with June 4th, 1929 in