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A Shareholder''s Initiative

Section: Daily Dispatches

by Ken Reser

After GO GATA gave such over-rated praise for my help, I must respond to
the request for some comments for our own GATA Forum, where I am in the
best of company.

Gold liberated by Easter you say? I hope you are right!

I'm one who never took up a political cause as there hasn't been any
particular politician in my voting reach worth the time. Now it is
different! Now not only do we have government trying to legislate our
very existance and we always had the Bankers, with their Lawyers, but we
now have an elite collusion with these and the Hedge Funds with their
Derivative Trading.

"GOLD" is the key to this Pandora's Box. Money only gets printed and
traded until it becomes worthless. We all know that there has been a
renewed rash of devaluations in many countries of the world. In each
case the money of Bankers and Funds and other money in the know was
exchanged for U.S.$ or Gold @ cheap prices, before the S.H.T.hit the

Whether in offshore accounts or in the USA it comes down to this:
There's nowhere left for worthless paper to run but to the US of A or
Gold. With all the ongoing and volatile world disruptions, the overt
signs of trade disputes, currency collapses around the globe, looming
Y2K effects, the Presidency in chaos, the US $ 5.3 trillion "KNOWN"
deficit coupled with Japanese dollar repatriation (which if it gets
going will neuter Wall Street in itself, not to mention Real Estate
values) leads me to summize that it's just a question of patience for
Gold Bugs.

All those Bankers and assorted other viruses on society cannot change
the history nor the value of Gold in our world. Nor do they want to!
They put up an illusion of indifference in order to trade paper for it.
They want all the Gold and control through the indebtedness of us all.
We have 'or they like to think we have' become serfs in our own lands.

In fighting for GATA we indirectly are also fighting for the right to
own Gold and to stop being subjugated to lives of debt in a Fiat Money
system that has become an accepted fraud for the benefit of so few.

We WILL win so long as the populus controls more Gold than the few! And
so far we do. As I read from some insignificant forum weeks ago, "The
catalyst for the Mother of all Gold Bull Runs will come unannounced and
from a direction least expected." Sage words and I agree. We see the
flashing neon signs out there all around. Probably even before GATA
serves the first Subpoena.

I must say this collusion casts a giant shadow. Even I in my minor role
have stepped on a couple of toes in this shadow of late.
No Matter--------- There are many who would love to shut down GATA and
torch the Cafe. So I've decided to start attaching my name not my YGM
'nom de plume' to any and all of my GATA information expediting. I'll
defend my stand and our right to take one whenever required. I must sum
up for now by saying, I feel like one in the best of company.

My Best Regards:
Ken Reser.
a Yukon Gold Miner

A GO GATA comment:
We at GATA know how you have been vronged Ken, and we feel the hurt with
you. I have seen your caring words for GATA at the other Gold Forums,
and the words of appreciation from other members of the Forums.
Hopefully the wish to censor you at one of the Forums was a thing of the
moment. GATA has its own dynamic that cannot be stopped, and hopefully
all the Gold Forums will work together again for the good of gold, and
all. Let's wait and see.

For make no mistake, your words are as Good as Gold, Ken, and right on
the ball. We must not let the Giants of Wall Street trick the Gold their
way as they devalue it. The people must hold out, I hope only till
Easter, some say till June, others say to the Autumn. Note, just today
there was a $3.30 rise.

In exposing the collusion, GATA and the Cafe are pushing the thing
along, and deserve a good advance on the profits that will be earned to
cover the costs of retaining the law firm, Berger and Montague. This is
speaking as plainly as you have, in your fine contribution. Thank you. I
look forward to posting many more VIEWPOINTS from you.