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VIEWPOINTS on G7 Meeting in Bonn

Section: Daily Dispatches

Yesterday we reported that RR (Robert Rubin, Treasury), and BB (Bruce
Babbit, Interior) had been held in contempt by U.S. District Judge Royce
Lambeth. RR and BB had failed to produce documents related to a class
action lawsuit over the mishandling of 300,000 Indian accounts worth an
estimated $500 million.

We asked for G O G A T A VIEWPOINTS and more background information
for sharing with GATA egroup members.

Here is the first response, from Charles E. Keeling (
It is a must read.


President Clinton ran on a platform of "It's the economy stupid". He was
right, from the political angle. But exactly how do you cause an economy
to zoom in to the stratosphere and cause a bubble? WJC & RR have
conspired to funnel billions of dollars into futures to prop up this
worn out equity bull.

Why has Robert Rubin been wanting to resign for the past 1-2 years? He
knows the jig is up, and he can get jail time because the slick one will
not take the fall.


Alan Greenspan got his last term in office only after long hours of
consultation with WJC & the President, HRC. When AG showed up at the
State Of The Union message sitting between Tipper & Hillary, that was
the message that he had won his battle for another term as Fed Chairman.
Mr. Greenspan, in the past, has been known to be a firm advocate for
tight money. He also has been known as an "Inflation Fighter". Our
President, WJC, wanted a booming economy, high employment, and loose

This would be directly opposed to the views held by Alan Greenspan. But,
something else was in the works. The amount of oil coming out of Iraq
could be controlled. The POG (price of gold GO GATA) could also be
controlled by the Central Banks. With an increasing supply of oil, and a
"cap" on the POG, inflation could be held in check while the equities
market moved higher. In other words: MANIPULATION.

Then RR was named Secretary of the Treasury. The fix was in. It takes
the POTUS (President Of The United States -- GG) & Secretary of the
Treasury to sign the checks on the slush fund. This puts RR right out in
front, positioned nicely to take whatever heat may be generated in the
event that some questions might arise as to the use of funds earmarked
for protection of the US Dollar.

This "slush fund" was originally setup back in the mid/late 30's from
the gold that was confiscated from the public. It's use was earmarked to
be only for protection of the US dollar.

We are looking at the slush fund RR & WJC have been using for the
purchase of S & P Futures. This slush fund has no oversight by Congress.
It took time for WJC to sniff out this 60 billion dollar account.I
wonder what the balance is now after bailing out S. Korea, and others,
along with saving wall street and LTCM. Maybe empty or near empty so
all the more reason to keep the gold price down.

The Indian Trust Fund, which is an entirely different source of money
that perhaps was also used to manipulate the markets, is now making
newspaper headlines. Robert Rubin and Bruce Babbitt seem to have been
caught pilfering these funds. To me it is very doubtful that they had
intent to enhance their own financial well being. It is also doubtful
that all of the funds went into campaign coffers.


Hopefully those doing the investigating will "follow the money trail".
This trail just may lead to the equities market. The Clinton
Administration is operating on a theory that the end justifies the
means. The rule of law means nothing to these people. They are bleeding
the gold market for all it is worth and funneling money into futures to
protect the equities market. To WJC & this administration, money is just
PAPER. Billions of paper dollars are meaningless to them.

Their focus has got to be on how gold and oil and other commodities run
together. If you put a stranglehold on the price of gold, the price of
oil will settle and hold. If oil doesn't run higher, then of course, the
other commodities will settle & hold.

There is a new PAPER (paradigm) put out by some think tank and posted on
the home page of the US Federal Reserve. It basically says:Hold the
price of gold to under $300.00, and you can have growth without
inflation by eliminating the normal route that cash takes to find safe

This is what the Federal Reserve is keying in on. You have to check me
on all of this. However, I think that my sources are good. I do think
that I have very good built in BS sifter (bull shit sifter GG).
Anything not credible has been screened out.

Thanks a lot for the work that GATA is doing. As you have seen, class
action suit is the way to go. See how RR & BB are feeling the heat from
the Indian class action suit.