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Peter Grandich tells 'Live from the Vault' that developments keep favoring gold

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10:23p ET Friday, July 5, 2024

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Kinesis Money's "Live from the Vault" program this week has London metals trader Andrew Maguire in a discussion with gold advocate and mining analyst Peter Grandich, who admits being surprised by the dichotomy between elevated metals prices and depressed prices for mining shares.

Bitcoin, Grandich says, is a scam but it has siphoned demand from gold and mining shares. Even so, he continues, developments continue to favor gold, including the U.S. government's heavy and growing debt burden, political paralysis in the United States, an aging population, the flood of illegal immigration into the country, and the increasing coordination of the BRICS countries in the international financial system.

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Many countries, Grandich says, are realizing that an alternative to the U.S. dollar is becoming necessary, and at least market analysts have stopped mocking him and GATA for complaining about gold market manipulation.

Grandich adds that the investment case for silver has grown stronger because industrial demand is rising amid declining supply.

The discussion is 58 minutes long and can be seen at YouTube here:

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