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In New Orleans you can't lose -- unless you miss Friday's room reservation deadline

Section: Daily Dispatches

By Brien Lundin
New Orleans Investment Conference
Thursday, September 29, 2016

You may be missing out on a fortune.

Hundreds of investors are multiplying their money as much as five times within weeks. They're discovering junior gold stocks that quickly turn $10,000 into as much as $300,000, and sometimes much more.

And I'm going to show you a guaranteed ticket to finding the next big winners.

I'm going to show you a secret that changed my life 12 years ago. It involves a handful of powerful factors that rarely come together. But when they do, they spin out fortunes like nothing else.

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Sandspring Resources Commences 2016 Exploration Campaign

Company Announcement
August 17, 2016

Sandspring Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:SSP, US OTC: SSPXF) is pleased to announce commencement of the 2016 exploration campaign at its Toroparu Gold Project in Guyana, South America.

In 2015 the company completed a 3,700-meter diamond drilling program on the promising Sona Hill Prospect, located 5 kilometers southeast of the main Toroparu deposit. Sona Hill is the easternmost gold anomaly in a cluster of 10 gold features located within a 20-by-7-kilometer hydrothermal alteration halo around Toroparu. Drilling at Sona Hill in 2012 and in 2015 intercepted high-grade mineralization in both saprolite and bedrock, and confirmed the continuity and grade potential of the Sona Hill mineralization.

For the remainder of the announcement and highlights of the 2015 drill program:

Consider this: The last time these critical events converged, my average closed stock position multiplied 5.5 times in value.

I'm not talking about paper profits. That's the real-world, cash-in-hand profits that I reported to the IRS on my tax return.

Needless to say, this was a life-changing event. Although it happened a dozen years ago, it seems like yesterday.

The good news: It's happening again -- right now.

But this time it's primed to hand us even bigger profits than before. (So big that I can guarantee that you'll quadruple your investment.)

By this time you've guessed that I'm talking about the huge profits generated by junior mining stocks.

Gold is hot. But junior gold stocks are absolutely on fire.

No doubt you've been swamped with supposed experts trying to sell their newsletters with claims that these juniors can make you a fortune if only you follow their high-priced advice.

They tout huge junior mining stock winners like:

Silver Standard, up 3,753 percent.

Asanko Gold, up 1,182 percent.

Kaminak Gold, up 3,033 percent.

First Majestic, up 3,511 percent.

Rare Element Resources, up 6,416 percent.

Great Panther Silver, up 2,947 percent.

Well, I'm here to tell you that every word they're saying is absolutely true. It's a fact: These junior mining stocks are like skyrockets. When their fuses are lit -- as they are right now -- they quickly hand over life-changing gains.

But here's what these supposed gurus aren't telling you: They never recommended any of these big winners.

Which brings me to my big secret.

A small fraternity of very well-placed experts did recommend every one of these enormously profitable junior miners.

Moreover, this exclusive group meets every year, at the same time and place, to hand out their hottest stock picks to a few lucky investors. And you can be there this time to pick up the next skyrocketing junior gold stocks before they take off.

I'm the producer of the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference.

The conference was begun by my late friend, mentor and business partner, Jim Blanchard, in 1974. I started working for Jim in 1985 and I've been running the event for the past 17 years since his passing.

Although we cover all the markets like a blanket, including geopolitics and the economy, the New Orleans Conference is renowned as the original "gold conference."

Not only were we there when gold ownership was legalized, we were instrumental in getting it legalized for American investors.

This event is so prestigious that the giants of modern history have graced its stage.

I'm talking about Lady Margaret Thatcher, novelist Ayn Rand, Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek, Alan Greenspan, Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, and dozens upon dozens more.

But more importantly to you right now, the world's top experts in gold, silver, and mining stocks come to our event every year to deliver their top picks.

How profitable is this information?

Consider those huge winners I just mentioned. You know, the fortune makers that some people are using to sell subscriptions, but that they never personally recommended.

Every one of those high-flyers was introduced
at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

I'm not talking about hypothetical gains. This is where you find real-world, cash-in-the-bank winners:

-- Silver Standard? Yes, it multiplied as much as 38 times in price, but few investors ever had the chance to enjoy gains like that, unless they attended the New Orleans conference, where this company was literally born. (I know, because our group helped create the company and gave conference attendees first crack at the stock when it was trading for just pennies.

-- Asanko Gold? A big gold producer today, it was introduced at the New Orleans conference when it was still a penny stock called Keegan Resources.

(Get this: The management team behind this company introduced another big winner, Cayden Resources, that multiplied in price for conference attendees. What's their next jackpot? You'll find it in Booth 107 at this year's conference!)

-- Kaminak Gold? We liked this company so much at the New Orleans conference that we gave it a special workshop to introduce its big gold discovery. Another incredible money-maker served to our attendees on a silver platter.

-- First Majestic? New Orleans Conference attendees got the first chance to get onboard this 35-for-1 silver bonanza through a predecessor company called First Silver Reserve. You couldn't have gotten on the train any earlier than that.

-- Rare Element Resources? Up 6,416 percent? Sure, but how many investors actually realized that gain? Rare Element was just another penny stock that few had ever heard of until it was introduced at the New Orleans conference.

-- Great Panther Silver? Yet another high-flyer that was introduced at the New Orleans conference. If anyone had the chance to enjoy those 30-for-1 profits, it was our attendees.

And that's just the beginning.

Don't think for a second that these were the only jackpots that the New Orleans conference has delivered.

I've barely scratched the surface. Consider these:

-- Millrock Resources multiplied 16 times over in price within months of being recommended from our podium.

-- Paladin Energy rocketed from 10 cents a share to as high as $10.44 in the uranium boom that our attendees got in on from the very beginning. That's right, a 100-for-1 blockbuster. Just $10,000 turned into a cool million.

-- Tasman Metals. Recommended at just 21 cents at the New Orleans conference, it quickly soared more than 25 times in price.

-- Bankers Petroleum soared 1,638 percent, a 17-for-1 winner that turned every $10,000 into as much as $170,000 after being tipped at our event.

-- East Africa Metals soared more than seven times over in price in less than a year after being recommended.

-- Gold Standard Ventures was yet another 7-for-1 winner over just a few months.

-- Inter-Citic Minerals. This tiny exploration company catapulted nearly nine times over in price after being recommended in New Orleans.

I could go on and on listing the stock tips that have yielded fortunes for those lucky few who have attended our event.

The fact is the New Orleans Conference turns out winners like this each and every year.

But every now and then when some special factors align things really get exciting.

And that's happening right now.

The gold price peaked in the summer of 2011 at $1,920 an ounce. It was the cap of an amazing, 10-year run that saw the price of the yellow metal 7 1/2 times in price.

You would have done great if you would have simply bought gold and held it.

But you would've done better -- much better -- by buying carefully selected junior mining stocks.

As you can see from the list above, it wasn't uncommon to see these companies soar more than 10 times in price in short order. Then, if you rolled over some of those gains into the next hot prospect that then multiplied five or more times ... and rolled those gains into another big 10-bagger. ...

Well, pretty soon you're talking about millions of dollars in profits.

It was an incredible time. Fortunes were made. But then it all ended when gold peaked in 2011.

Then began a deep, nearly five-year-long bear market as the Fed began tapering off its quantitative easing program. And then the inevitable, ever-turning cycle turned once again at the beginning of this year. Why?

Forget North Korea. Ignore the Middle East. Don't worry about Russia, Crimea, China, the European Union, or any of the rest.

While geopolitical crises may spark gold for a few days, the only thing that really moves gold over the long-term is debasement of "paper" currencies.

And that's precisely what's happening now. After all the world's central banks have tried all the quantitative easing they could -- with no effect on their struggling economies -- they started driving interest rates down like a stake in the ground.

Hitting the supposed wall at zero, they went even further into the unprecedented realm of negative interest rates. And still further and further, until now about half of all sovereign debt has a negative yield, corporations are issuing bonds with the promise to pay back less than they borrow, and even Federal Reserve officials have floated the possibility of negative rates in the United States.

Of course, experienced investors know that gold flourishes when interest rates are low. But when interest rates are negative, when banks are charging you rent for your money, they're essentially paying you, me, and billions of people around the world to put our money in gold.

We are truly in uncharted territory. Interest rates today are the lowest in 5,000 years, the lowest in history. And the environment for gold has never been better.

That's why gold has been rising this year. And because central banks are wedded to their policies of currency debasement, gold will continue to soar.

But there's a wild card. If and when the U.S. economy takes its inevitable downturn, the Fed will be forced to return to quantitative easing and gold will leap hundreds of dollars higher in a flash.

The profits in junior gold and silver shares will be like those we saw a dozen years ago, when Alan Greenspan started the money-printing cycle -- and probably much, much better.

So how will you find the stocks that are poised to deliver these life-changing profits?

Easy. Hot picks. Powerful strategies. Deadly accurate forecasts. All handed to you by today's most successful experts.

At the New Orleans conference you get to learn from and mingle with many of the smartest and most successful people in investments and economics. But this year, with the metals and mining stocks on fire and historic profits to be had, we've pulled out all the stops

James Grant is perhaps the most respected analyst on Wall Street. He's going to show you precisely why the Fed's policies will end in tears for most but huge profits for gold investors.

A few famous investors made, literally, billions from the 2008 crisis that Peter Schiff predicted. Now Peter has an even more shocking prediction -- involving the dollar -- that he's going to share in New Orleans.

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer has peeled away the layers of this election like an onion. And at our conference, just days before the polls open, he'll reveal an insight that could save you a fortune.

"Pretend everyone is going to die tomorrow," says famed hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and best-selling author James Altucher. How will this help you make a fortune? It's surprisingly simple, as he'll reveal in New Orleans.

You've seen legendary trader Dennis Gartman on CNBC. But you've never seen him reveal his top two investment ideas for today's volatile markets. Discover what he can't say on TV.

Legendary free-market economist Stephen Moore is Donald Trump's top economic adviser. In our intimate setting he'll reveal the inside scoop on what a Trump presidency will mean for you.

Doug Casey is the undisputed king of controversy and contrarianism. He's also one of the world's most successful speculators in mining stocks. And he has a little-known pick to tell you about in New Orleans.

Literally hundreds of thousands of investors seek out Mike Larson's market analyses every week. But in New Orleans he's going to reveal specific picks for the popping of an "Everything Bubble" that's like nothing we've ever seen before.

Rick Rule is known as perhaps the best resource stock speculator ever. He saves his top picks for New Orleans -- and this year he's going to reveal a powerful, seemingly infallible way you can make a fortune from the collapse of the oil market.

Who;s the most influential economist in the world today? Many will say its Peter Boockvar -- and he's going to reveal why the Fed is trapped, what they'll try to do next, and how you must prepare.

We have fun in New Orleans too, and celebrated satirist and libertarian P.J. O'Rourke will explain in his hilarious fashion how we got here in this crazy election season.

Brent Cook is an acclaimed geologist who is known for putting the "thumbs down" on mining projects. But when he gives his "thumbs up" -- as he will with these three little-known exploration companies -- we almost always hit the jackpot.

Eric Coffin could be the most connected insider in the mining exploration capital of Vancouver. He has not one, not two, but five hot picks that seem destined to multiply within weeks.

I don't know how many boots Louis James goes through in a year, but no one visits more mining and exploration projects. Louis says his travels have uncovered a handful of hidden gems that he's going to unveil for you in New Orleans.

Former CIA economist and legendary newsletter editor Mark Skousen has found four rock-solid investments that offer safe paths to profits -- including two diversified stocks with over 6.5-percent yields.

Adrian Day was investing around the world decades before it became cool. Now he's found a few high-yielding stocks that are also poised to beat Wall Street's highest flyers.

Nick Hodge may have the hottest hand in the world today -- from mining to technology to alternative energy, all he does is turn out picks that quickly leap higher. His secretive "Top Ten" list will be unveiled in New Orleans.

Robert Prechter didn't invent cycles analysis but no one's ever done it better. His shocking predictions have an uncomfortable way of coming true -- and you won't believe the latest forecast he'll give us.

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden have used their technical analysis skills to post one of the best track records in history. What's next? They know, and they'll tell you in New Orleans.

Who has beaten the S&P 500 by 6 1/2 times since 2001? None other than Jeff Hirsch, editor of The Stock Trader's Almanac, a Wall Street institution for decades. Nobody plays the historic patterns better, including the election trend that will kick in this November.

Gwen Preston has built a reputation from digging deep into mining and exploration projects to find red-hot speculations that pay off in a big way. She found most of this year's biggest winners -- and wait until you see her list of next year's top picks.

Nick Giambruno is an expert in economics, offshore banking, second passports, geopolitics, and value investing. More important, he has one of the hottest hands around, and a very specific picks to profit from either a Clinton or Trump presidency.

Plus many more of the leading authorities on gold, silver, mining stocks, real estate, and every investment sector. It's all happening at this year's New Orleans Investment Conference.

And now not only are you invited to this exclusive event, but you simply can't lose by attending.

This conference will make you four times richer or it's free.

This opportunity is so important, and we're so confident that the New Orleans conference will pay for itself many times over, that I'll offer you this ironclad guarantee:

If you attend this year's New Orleans conference and don't make back at least four times the money you paid to attend -- in six months or less -- just let me know. I'll happily give you a prompt, hassle-free refund on your entire registration fee -- every penny.

You can't lose!

Well, you can lose if you don't act immediately to secure your place at New Orleans 2016.

Consider this: I've offered this quadruple-your-money guarantee for the past five years. And I've never had a single attendee ask for his money back.

That's how big and consistent the profits have been for our attendees.

But there's one problem you need to know about: The doors are closing -- literally.

This year's New Orleans Conference is being held from October 26-29 at the luxurious New Orleans Hilton Riverside. It's a beautiful hotel, nestled alongside the Mississippi River within easy walking distance of the historic French Quarter, Harrah's Casino, riverside parks, and all the food, music, and ambiance that make the Crescent City such a special destination.

Unfortunately, we have only a limited block of rooms reserved at the Hilton for our event, and that block reservation is about to expire in a few days.

Worse yet, we're getting reports that every other hotel in the city is sold out due to Halloween celebrations and a number of food and music festivals.

That means you'll be completely locked out of this opportunity if you don't act immediately.

Here's the bottom line: You must register for New Orleans 2016 by Friday, September 30, or the lodging situation will be completely out of our control.

Our room block at the Hilton will be closing, and there will likely be no rooms to be had outside our hotel.

Then you will be locked out of an event that could make you a fortune in the weeks ahead.

It's so important that you act immediately to secure this opportunity that I'm going give you two big bonuses if you reserve your spot by September 30:

1) I'll give you a big discount from our on-site registration fee -- a full $400 back in your pocket.

2) I'll also give you a free upgrade to Gold Club status for you and your guests.

Your Gold Club status will entitle you to a special private viewing room with day-long coffee service, exclusive Q&A sessions with selected speakers following their presentations, special reports and investment information exclusively for you, and deep discounts on conference audio and video recordings and other valuable investment products.

Others are paying $189 for this exclusive package of benefits but you'll get it all free if you register by our cutoff date.

To claim your Gold Club status, be sure to act immediately and enter the promotional code FREEGOLDCLUB when you register.

Let's recap...

The cycle has turned for gold and mining stocks. People are watching their investments multiply in a matter of weeks.

The best event to show you tomorrow's big winners -- from the world's most experienced and successful experts in the sector -- is coming up next month.
You've just been invited to this exclusive event -- and offered $589 in bottom-line value if you can register before the room-block cutoff.

This opportunity offers such huge profit potential and is so certain that if you don't make back four times your cost to attend in six months or less, I'll refund your entire registration fee.

You can't lose. And you stand to gain a fortune in this next bull run in gold and mining stocks.

But it all hinges on whether you can act now, before our cut-off date.

Given the raging precious metals bull market alongside the faltering U.S. and global economies, New Orleans 2016 could turn out to be the most profitable investment event in decades -- perhaps in the entire 42-year history of the conference.

The strategies and picks our celebrated speakers deliver could yield a fortune for you.

Or nothing if you don't attend.

All you have to do is register now -- by September 30 -- while space is still available. And doing so couldn't be easier. Just click here to secure your spot:

See you soon in New Orleans!

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