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No panic yet -- but wait until this afternoon!

Section: Daily Dispatches

10a CT Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

I have just received a report from GATA's heaquarters
in Durban, South Africa, that the Gold Anti-Trust Action
Commmittee and our allegations were discussed
extensively today during the afternoon sesssion of South
Africa's Parliament in Cape Town.

Our South African publicist, Rhoda Fowler, just called
from Durban to report that she is getting hundreds of
phone calls about it. She is requesting a transcipt of
what was said. Parliament's discussion was televised
throughout South Africa.

From member and GATA
supporter James Stock in Durban:

quot;It was live on TV. From what I saw, the tail end, it
looked like the political party that I have been talking
to was asking the government why they have not been
funding the court case. The minister's answer was she
hasn't been asked. Time allocated for the question was
exceeded, and the desire that the gold price was exceed
$600 an ounce was broached. This is the ultimate in
success for your trip.quot;