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Thom Calandra still likes gold


By Bill Murphy, Chairman
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
August 6, 2000

The siege of the gold market has intensified. Every day
in the United States gold rallies are either sold,
sending gold off daily price highs, or gold closes

Meanwhile commodity prices have risen all year, with
crude oil leading the way. Even with all the strongarm
tactics being used on OPEC and oil producers to

Blueprint for GATA''s victory


Fool's gold: How I bought into a sucker's scheme

By Barrie Walsh
August 9, 2000

I blame some of it on myself. But I blame the rest of
it on the government. Inflation has arrived, but no one
will admit it.

Even as we continue to read data that indicates the
economy is slowing, the I-word goes officially
unuttered, and the Fed withholds its option to raise
interest rates. Commander Alan Greenspan placates a

Salon.com essay features GATA


By Bill Murphy, Chairman
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
July 30, 2000

The other day GATA's Gold Derivative Banking Crisis
report, which has been presented to high officials
of Congress and the staff of every House and Senate
banking committee member, made it on to ABC
television in Australia.

I just received this email from Michael R. in

"No coincidence that the report got a brief show on

On TV in Australia, and a letter to "60 Minutes"


12:15a EDT Thursday, July 20, 2000

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA is going back to Congress with a couple of
specific questions that we think can bring down the
manipulation of the gold market if the government is
compelled to answer them.

Friends of GATA in the United States can help us by
adding their voice to the clamor for answers. If you
live in the United States, will you consider sending a

Help GATA as it returns to press Congress for answers


By Reginald H. Howe
July 17, 2000

Dotting sides of buildings in Paris are many little
plaques proclaiming, "Ici est tombe...." They mark spots
where members of the Resistance fell during the street
fighting that preceded the liberation of Paris in
August 1944. Close inspection of nearby wall areas
often reveals bullet scars.

Yet many French display a certain ambivalence toward

"Ici est tombe...." On Choosing to Fight


Gold At $2,500?
By Susan Kitchens

Leigh Goehring manages over $400 million worth of
metals, energy, and paper stocks for Prudential
Investments in Newark, New Jersey, and manages them
well. Over the past five years, his Prudential Natural
Resources fund has returned an annualized 10.9 percent
-- modest compared with the S&P 500's 24.2 percent, but
impressive considering the depressed state of most

Forbes article features gold/commodities bull


By Barry FitzGerald and David McKay
July 11, 2000

South Africa's AngloGold is being tipped as the most
likely suitor for Normandy Mining, the Australian gold
miner that has recently seen its share price strike a
five-month high on takeover speculation.

Despite suggestions that AngloGold is not so hot on
Normandy and a recent fallback in Normandy's price,
there is a growing sense that the world's largest gold

AngloGold edging toward bid for Normandy Mining


By Reginald H. Howe
July 11, 2000

"Ah! tenez, vous etes de la merde dans un bas de soie."

With this much quoted insult Napoleon concluded his
famous tirade against Talleyrand in 1809, an outburst
of anger that most expected would end with the grand
chamberlain hanging from a gate of the Tuileries.
Instead, he was merely dismissed. Talleyrand himself
would later suggest that Napoleon's clemency signified

Notes on the FT conference, and ESF disclosures


By Bill Murphy, Chairman
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
July 10, 2000

Alain Despert's new Absente image, "The Green Fairy,"
which will appear in international magazines this fall,
is also going to be released as a limited edition
print. Only two artists have been selected for this
Michelle Roux campaign: Alain Despert and world-
renowned prince of pop artist Romero Britto. Britto's

GATA update for July 10, 2000


11p EDT Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

It will not surprise you that gold was thrown back from
its $290 perch once again today. This is becoming
pretty tedious and so obvious. Does no one in the gold
industry have enough moxie to say something about the
gold market manipulation? I have said it many times
before and will say it again: Never before has an
entire industry been led by such wimps.

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