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South African mine workers settle, call off strike


Conspiracy? Hell, it's all right out in the open!

JPMorgan Chase press release


NEW YORK and LONDON, July 24 -- JPMorgan Chase
announced today that Andrew Crockett will join

Gold shares shine bright despite threat of strike


Strike could damage investment prospects for mining industry


By South African Press Association

JOHANNESBURG, July 25 -- The looming strike in the gold-
mining sector will be short, if it takes place, but it could
scare investors away from South Africa, labour relations

Former top executive of BIS and Bank of England joins JPMorgan



By South Africa Press Association

JOHANNESBURG, July 26 -- The biggest mineworkers'
strike in 16 years in the gold industry could go ahead as
planned on Sunday night if National Union of Mineworkers
members reject a revised wage offer, union spokesperson

Dump Freddie and Fannie debt, European Central Bank said to tell members



By Zandile Nkuta

JOHANNESBURG, July 27 (Reuters) -- South Africa's mine
workers' union called off a strike due to start on Sunday
in the gold mining industry, saying employers had met wage
and other demands.

"The revised offers by the gold mining employers have been

Late offer by South African mining houses said to meet union demands


By Nicol degli Innocenti
Financial Times
Saturday, July 26, 2003


Mining strike raises concern about South Africa''s image


Friday, July 25, 2003

Dear Gold Community Members,

Here is, in my and Kenny Adams' opinion, the skinny.

Hang on to your hats, gang.

We are on the threshold of a damned big up move in both
gold and silver.

The general equities are not the hot hand any longer.
Therefore, in my opinion, even on your worst precious
metal dog or con-racket junior, shut down on the selling.
You will, I believe, get better prices.

Yikes! A bulletin from Jim Sinclair says: Hang on to your hats


Harmony and Gold Fields raise offers to mine workers


JOHANNESBURG, July 25 (Reuters) -- South African gold
producers Gold Fields and Harmony Gold boosted wage
offers in last-ditch talks on Friday ahead of a planned strike
on Sunday, but workers said the hikes were not enough.

South African mine workers union contract negotiations update


By Corbett B. Daly


WASHINGTON, July 23 -- The Federal Reserve should
stand ready to cut overnight lending rates to zero if the
economy needs an extra jolt, said a Fed governor on

Be ready for interest rate of zero, Fed Governor Bernanke says


6:53p ET Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

How could Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan promise to
keep U.S. interest rates close to zero forever, U.S.
Treasury bonds collapse, and gold and gold shares
collapse with them?

Only by surreptitious and yet massive government
intervention in the gold market -- that's how. But the
price of such intervention is the loss of its
surreptitiousness, and it's hard to believe that many

Only government manipulation explains today''s market action


6:18p ET Monday, July 14, 2003

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

J. Taylor's Gold & Technology Stocks newsletter has
just published a long interview with your
secretary/treasurer and has graciously given GATA
permission to post it at our Internet site. The
interviewer's questions were so informed and
organized that the interview may serve as a good
overview of GATA's work and the gold price

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