Proof of Fed's gold-market intervention?


Analyst claims central bank's meeting minutes belie denials

By Jon Dougherty
© 2001

A gold market analyst who has long suggested the federal government was involved in manipulating the price of gold says he discovered proof of his allegations in six-year-old Federal Reserve Board meeting minutes.

The charges, first made by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee in 1999, are allegedly borne out in Federal Reserve Board meeting minutes dated Jan. 31, 1995, which were discovered by GATA analyst Reginald Howe, who has filed a lawsuit against the Fed, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Bank for International Settlements and "various investment houses."

Exchange Stabilization Fund/Bundesbank Gold Swap Operation Exposed


Source: Business Wire
Publication date: 2001-04-23

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 23, 2001--The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee will reveal proof of the suppression of the gold price by the U.S. and German governments and bullion banks at the GATA African Gold Summit on May 10, 2001, in Durban, South Africa.

Der Spiegel -Konspiration im Herrenclub?


Konspiration im Herrenclub?

Gegen US-Notenbankchef Greenspan läuft eine Klage wegen Manipulation des Goldpreises. Auch die Deutsche Bank soll in die zwielichtigen Geschäfte verwickelt sein.

Was haben US-Notenbankchef Alan Greenspan, die Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich (BIZ), führende globale Geldhäuser wie Deutsche Bank und J. P. Morgan sowie der scheidende US-Finanzminister Larry Summers gemeinsam?

GATA'S Reg Howe Sues BIS, FED, Treasury, and 5 Investment Houses To Stop Gold Price Suppression


For Release at 8 a.m. EDT Monday, December 11, 2000

A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Boston with the support of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee accuses five investment houses, the Bank for International Settlements, and top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department and U.S. Federal Reserve Board of conspiring to suppress the price of gold.

The lawsuit, Docket No. 00-CV-12485-RCL, charges the defendants with price fixing, securities fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty. The U.S. government officials are also accused of exceeding their constitutional authority.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Key German Newspaper Supports GATA



August 25, 2000

FRANKFURT, Aug. 24 -- At first glance it is indeed difficult to understand how a market, such as the gold market, which shows a chronic production deficit, is decaying during decades and how this results in prices that force an ever- increasing number of gold producers to abandon their business.

In the free market, which in the case of gold is being "made" by the leading business and investment banks, they have to take a good look at the solvency of their own clients as well their counterparties, when trading with derivatives.

Political Derivatives in Campaign 2000


Copyright 2000 - Reginald H. Howe


More than a century has passed since gold and money played a leading role in the rhetoric of a presidential campaign. At the Democratic convention of 1896, William Jennings Bryan won the presidential nomination with a speech dishonoring the deeply held monetary beliefs of Jefferson and Jackson, thundering to the other party: "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold."

An Open Letter to Members of the Press


It is time to wake up to what has been going on in the gold market. I can understand some initial reticence about grasping what The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has been telling you: that the gold market is being manipulated. No one wants to believe that, but enough is enough. It is time to start asking some hard questions of your traditional sources of information who have been feeding you disinformation to keep you off guard about what certain bullion dealers have been doing with " a little help from their friends."

An Open Letter to Allan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers


Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's the text of GATA's two-page advertisement to be published Thursday, December 9, in Roll Call, the weekly newspaper that covers the Congress of the United States and is considered the best-read publication at the U.S. Capitol.

We're very excited about this, hopeful of making a big impact and mobilizing the gold industry and gold's friends, and deeply grateful to those whose financial contributions have helped to make this possible.

Gold Derivative Banking Crisis Report


The "Gold Derivative Banking Crisis" document that the GATA delegation presented to the Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert, Dr. John Silvia, Chief Economist of the Senate Banking Committee, Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus (Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy) including six of his staff members and to every Congressional member of the House and Senate banking committees is now available.

Mark to Market: All That Glitters Is Not Gold, Paris ( Dow Jones )


By David G. Pearson
A Dow Jones Newswires Column
Paris ( Dow Jones ) May 21, 1999

One of the most interesting things about this job is that you get to rub shoulders with the world's financial movers and shakers.

This is great cocktail party conversation fodder for impressing your fellows about Bob, Alan and Larry and how their tennis games are improving.

In this neck of the woods, however, the party chat about Dominique, Jean-Claude, Hans and Wim tends to be less interesting than the punch bowl.

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