WGC Urges IMF to Lift Ban on Gold Pegging


Hullo GATA members!

This is to let you know that www.gata.org is now open.

The new website was created to provide immediate access to the full GATA
story, information about the GATA committee, media updates, links, and
more. It is the home site for the GATA Email Discussion Group, which
will continue as a forum for members' VIEWPOINTS and Gold Related
Information. Through the GATA Discussion Group we can together create
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Earlier today, GATA chairman, Bill Murphy, posted the here on following
message to members of the financial website Le Metropole Cafe
(www.lemetropolecafe.com), where GATA had its beginnings, just over a
month ago.

For GATA, for gold,

Boudewijn Wegerif -- "GO GATA"
Moderator GATA Discussion Group

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www.gata.org IS UP AND RUNNING

The GATA Committee invites you to visit the Gold Anti-Trust Action site.

This is a site for all those that consider there may have been collusion
by some of the Wall Street Giants - certain financial firms that are
borrowing gold at less than 1 percent interest rates and using those
funds to finance other investment activities. In doing so, we believe
that they may have conspired in a manner that violated U.S. anti-trust

The GATA Committee believes that various bullion banks and certain New
York investment houses are short thousands of tonnes of gold. As there
is a natural, yearly 1600 tonne supply/demand deficit at the moment,
they must continually borrow more gold and feed that supply into the
gold market place to keep the price down. If they do not, the price
will rise to ration the diminished supply.

It is our opinion that without this borrowed gold supply, the price of
gold would rally to an equilibrium price of between $400 and $500 per
oz. It is the intention of GATA to expose the huge short positions of
these arrogant price colluders. We will expose their bullying, block
busting type of tactics that have terrorized gold producers and the gold
shareholder community. When it becomes known how short they really are
and that number of tonnes is greater than a year's gold mine production,
other big money will go after them by buying up the available gold.

The shorts will then be in big trouble as that word spreads to the
central banks that have to be concerned about gold loans to financial
institutions. The gold lease rates will start to firm, then firm
dramatically. The loans will become very, very expensive to roll over.
When that happens, the gold game that is being played by "The Masters of
the Universe" will end. We ask you to stand up and be counted.

Are you fed up with your gold shares going nowhere but down? Would you
like them to soar in price? Stop fretting and do something about it.

Alain Despert,our Absolute Vodka artist, has brilliantly captured the
GATA spirit in his paintingat http://www.gata.org. Be part of the GATA
legion that he portrays to you in his GATA painting.

Your contribution WILL make a difference.

Here is a letter I received from a $20 contributor:

Dear Bill Murphy and GATA staff,

"Thank you dearly for your efforts. In the spring of 1997 I contracted a
major illness and have not been able to work for two years. In July of
97 I learned about Y2K and moved my small pension in hard currency into
gold and silver. My wife and I have hung on to that pension $ with white
knuckles as we've moved down the economic ladder. We are now living in
my Mother-in-Law's back yard, in a travel trailer. A positive change in
the price of gold will keep us out of bankruptcy and save the majority
of our pension. I regret not being able to send more $.


Tim Johnson

Can you at least do what Tim Johnson has done? GATA will be relentless
in our pursuit to expose this outrageous situation that has devastated
the gold market participants. We will demand a "level playing field".
Nothing will stop us, or our effort.There are millions of gold stock
shareholders. While we hope to attract some significant contributions,
smaller contributions by thousands of Tim Johnsons will really add up
and create a substantial war chest that will be necessary to confront
our adversaries that will commence by GATA, and our law firm, launching
a serious investigation.

The internet can make all this possible. The GATA Committee would
appreciate it if you could this email GATA request to other goldstock
shareholders and to the gold companies in which you have made
investments. We thank you.

Bill Murphy
Chairman GATA