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Summary of gold price suppression posted; Krugerrands at Durban presentation

By cpowell
Created 2003-10-26 07:00

1:31p ET Sunday, October 26, 2003

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA expresses its heartfelt thanks to Durban
Roodeport Deep, the South African gold mining
company that has been among our earliest and
most generous supporters, for agreeing to
sponsor our reception at the New Orleans
Investment Conference on Saturday evening,
November 1.

Durban, considered the mining company most
leveraged to the gold price, will be represented
at the reception by CEO Mark Wellesley-Wood
and Investor Relations Manager Ilja Graulich,
and so they will be guests of honor.

Other guests of honor:

-- Frank Veneroso of Allianz Dresdner, a GATA
consultant whose research has disclosed that
central bank gold lending is two to three times
larger than officially acknowledged. In a recent
interview with CBSMarketWatch Editor Thom
Calandra, Veneroso declared that the central
banks have been trying to suppress the price of
gold as another form of currency intervention.

-- John Embry, president of Sprott Asset
Management in Toronto, who in several public
appearances in Canada has endorsed GATA's
research and conclusions about the gold market
and whose precious metals mutual fund was the
best-performing major fund in the world in 2002.

The GATA reception will be held just prior to the
conference's dinner/dance and will be open
only to GATA supporters (which, by definition,
includes subscribers at GATA Chairman Bill
Murphy's Internet site, LeMetropoleCafe.com).

Reservations for the reception will be required,
so if you haven't already made a reservation and
gotten a confirmation from me, please make your
reservation now by e-mailing me at
GATAComm@aol.com [1]. I'll reply with details about
the reception's time and place.

GATA's delegation to the conference will attend
the reception -- Murphy, GoldMoney founder and
Freemarket Gold and Money Report Editor James
Turk, litigator Reginald H. Howe, statistician
Michael Bolser, researchers Andrew Hepburn and
Robert K. Landis, and your secretary/treasurer.

In addition to GATA's Murphy, Turk, and Veneroso,
the conference's speakers include Bill O'Reilly of
Fox News, Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters,
renowned global investor Jim Rogers, and
CBSMarketWatch's Calandra.

The conference emphasizes natural resource
investments and always has been a favorite with
investors interested in gold, silver, and energy.

While the conference hotel, the New Orleans
Sheraton, is now fully booked during the conference,
there's still a little time to register for the
conference and lodging is available at another
excellent Sheraton hotel just a few blocks away
within easy walking distance.

You can register for the conference and find out
all about it and New Orleans here:

http://www.neworleansconference.com/ [2]

The conference has generously offered to make
a contribution to GATA for every GATA supporter
who attends. So when you register online, watch
closely for the section of the registration form
that asks how you heard about the conference.
Open the answer box and click on "GATA."

So if you haven't already, please let me know if
you're going to attend the conference and would
like to attend the GATA reception.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


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