News media won't report market rigging by government even when it's admitted


10:58a ET Thursday, June 29, 2016

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

New York Post business writer John Crudele's column today, dispatched to you a couple of hours ago --

-- is actually about two scandals, not just the scandal of surreptitious market rigging by governments and central banks.

The second scandal -- maybe the bigger one, since government power is always to be suspected -- is the corruption of mainstream financial news organizations, which run away from reporting market rigging by government even when it is brazenly out in the open. The corrupt news organization identified in this case is Bloomberg News, but since all other major mainstream financial news organizations are almost certainly aware of the information being suppressed by Bloomberg, they are complicit with it.

Crudele wrote:

"These are brief statements credited to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Wednesday morning by Bloomberg: 'Schaeuble: EU Ministers, G-7 Agreed to Avoid Market Chaos.' 'Schaeuble: Measures to Avoid Market Chaos Have Been Successful.'"

"As far as I could tell, Bloomberg never carried a full story."

In searches of the Bloomberg News Internet site and a general Internet search your secretary/treasurer couldn't find any such Bloomberg story either. Apparently Bloomberg editors spiked the story as soon as the official admission of market rigging emerged.

Crudele continued:

"In case you think those short statements are too vague, consider what Schaeuble had to say before the Brexit vote. According to an earlier Bloomberg story: 'Schaeuble said EU policymakers have safeguards in place to avoid 'chaotic developments' should Britons vote to leave the bloc.'

"Schaeuble added that, should Britain pull out of the EU, 'it's also clear that then you have to do everything possible to avoid chaotic developments. We are well-prepared for that.'

"There you have it. Anyone who still thinks the market righted itself should have his or her head examined."

If you're not completely demoralized, as most people these days are, try using the Bloomberg Internet site's feedback page to ask what happened to the market-rigging story:

Of course inquiries to other mainstream financial news organizations would be in order as well. If you get any response, please let me know.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


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