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10:50p ET Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Thanks to Joe Martin of Cambridge House
International for the publicity appended here
about the Calgary Investment Conference, to
be held in October. GATA Chairman Bill Murphy
will be among the speakers.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

* * *

Today's column by Thom Calandra of is a few months behind
reality. Last June in Vancouver at the 2002
World Gold and PGM Investment Conference,
sponsored by Cambridge House, GATA Chairman
Bill Murphy received a standing ovation from
a packed audience. More than 1,500 people,
150 of whom flew into Vancouver from the
United States, attended the two-day event.
They all came to buy gold company stocks, and
many were able to buy at early-bird rates,
through private placements with incentive

Cambridge House International Inc., the
Canadian producer of resource investment
conferences, consistently brings out the
speakers, the audience, and the companies.
This October 5 and 6 its annual Calgary
Investment Conference will kick off with a
stellar line-up of speakers, including
Murphy, Jay Taylor, Doug Casey, Bob Bishop,
Bob Chapman, David Morgan, Frank Holmes, John
Myers, Ian Gordon, John Kaiser, and David and
Eric Coffin. The conference also will feature
several up-and-coming bright new writers and
trackers, including Canadians Lawrence
Roulston, David Skarica, David Pescod, and
Michael Levy. There also will be a great
lineup of CEOs of exciting companies making
today's news headlines.

You can learn more about the conference here:

The author John Naisbitt, in his best selling
book of more than a decade ago, "Future
Trends," explained how change begins in
smaller centres (proper English spelling for
US readers) and slowly works its way to the
top of the pyramid. New York may well be the
world's media centre, but its financial
analysts and traders have had their noses
ground into the dirt for a long time by the
media power of the New York-based bullion

It will be poetic justice as these same
people climb on board the gold train and
inadvertently initiate a U.S. buying push,
which will send our portfolios to long-term
highs. And Cambridge will be there with
leading speakers and companies at the
Vancouver Investment Conference next January
27 and 28 and again at the 2003 World Gold &
PGM Investment Conference, which will again
be held in Vancouver next June 8 and 9.

Joe Martin
Cambridge House International Inc.
Vancouver, B.C.