Rave reviews for GATA Chairman Murphy''s interview on C-SPAN


9:23p ET Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy has been confirmed
as a guest on the C-SPAN cable television
network program "Washington Journal" on
Wednesday. The part of the program featuring
Murphy will be broadcast live from 9 to 9:30
a.m. Eastern time.

C-SPAN invites viewers to propose questions
for the guests on "Washington Journal." To do
so, just go to C-SPAN's Internet site here:


The section on Murphy is in the lower part of the
right column.

Murphy never sleeps, but to make sure that he'll be
well-rested for Wednesday's appearance on TV, I've
just tucked him into bed and made him promise to be
at the TV studio at least 90 seconds before the
program starts.

As soon as Murphy's part of "Washington Journal"
ends, the U.S. stock markets will open, so GATA will
be all set to claim credit for any positive
developments for gold and the gold shares.

But if this C-SPAN program doesn't work, Murphy will
be auditioning for the CBS Television series,
"Survivor: The Gold Market," wherein six ordinary
investors will be brought to the top floor of the
J.P. Morgan Chase building on Park Avenue in Manhattan
and challenged to make it down to the lobby without
losing their shirts. CBS promises that, as is
customary on "Survivor," the women contestants won't
even be starting with much in that respect.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer