Kitco cans analyst Nadler; gold rises $5.50


Kitco Reshuffles Commentary Lineup

By Kitco News, Montreal
Friday, February 1, 2013 has added two names to its roster of prominent commentators. Peter Hug, Global Trading Director for Kitco Metals, and Jim Wyckoff, senior analyst for Kitco Media, will be regularly featured under the site's popular commentary section.

"The addition of these two names just adds even more of a reason to come to for all precious metals analysis," said John Dourekas, Kitco's Media Director. "Peter is a seasoned trader with more than 30 years' experience in the business, and Jim has spent more than 25 years involved with stock, financial, and commodity markets."

Hug and Wyckoff are no strangers to the Kitco Internet site, as both have weekly shows on Kitco's Video News Channel. Hug is the star of "For Pete's Sake," which takes a look inside the mindset of a seasoned trader, and Wyckoff stars in "Technically Speaking," which sheds light on key trading levels for precious metals.

Other changes to the site include the departure of Jon Nadler, a long-time consultant and regular contributor. Nadler started his collaboration with the company in 2006 and was a cornerstone of the contributed commentaries section of and a regular on the trades how circuit.

"We appreciate Jon's contributions to the company and wish him well," Dourekas said. "We are dedicated to having the best-of-the best expert analysis on, and solidifying our role as the go-to site for all precious metals information. We have the most frequently quoted analysts and that is a reflection of our commitment to content, accuracy, and speed."

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