Rick Ackerman: Why isn't gold higher?


9:50p ET Wednesday, January 30,2013

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Market analyst Rick Ackerman's new essay, "Why Isn't Gold Higher?," is actually another salvo in the sometimes contentious argument between inflationists and deflationists, which isn't GATA's fight. But Ackerman's essay still is delightful for ratifying some of GATA's premises:

1) Gold futures aren't reliable claims on gold.

2) Paper claims to gold have been diverting investment demand away from real metal, just as all commodity futures and derivatives long have been diverting investment demand for inflation hedges away from real things and into paper -- such diversion, suppressing commodity prices and concealing inflation, having become the primary purpose of futures and derivatives, as the British economist Peter Warburton argued in 2001 in his seminal essay, "The Debasement of World Currency: It Is Inflation But Not as We Know It":


3) Western central banks won't be the ones to precipitate a short squeeze in gold, because they don't want their leased and swapped gold back from their bullion bank agents. Instead, controlling the gold price surreptitiously to defend the value of their currencies and government bonds is infinitely more important to them.

Such premises may not quite have reached critical mass in the gold world, but if even the Financial Times is starting to acknowledge and credit GATA for them --


-- things may be changing fast enough that in a few years even the World Gold Council may have to pay as much attention to gold swaps, leases, and other mechanisms of central bank market intervention as to slinky high-fashion models, thereby achieving some relevance to the mining industry.

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