More special offers for GATA supporters, and why we promote them


9:44p ET Sunday, April 29, 2001

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Here's another special offer for GATA supporters interested
in purchasing coins and precious metals.

Ed Lee is a highly recommended dealer who has been selling
coins and precious metals since 1958 and is located in sales
tax-free New Hampshire. He is bonded for $500,000 to ensure
delivery and is willing to supply GATA supporters with 1-ounce
U.S. gold and platinum eagles and Canadian maple leafs for
just 1 percent commission over his dealer cost -- and he will
donate to GATA his commission on such sales to GATA

Lee came to our attention because of his long-standing
endorsement by Harry Schultz, a crucial GATA supporter whom
the Guinness Book of Records has called the "world's
highest-paid investment consultant."

In addition, GATA supporters making purchases from Lee may
receive free shipping on large orders and discounts on U.S.
silver eagles and rare and semi-rare coins -- and he will
make a contribution to GATA on everything GATA supporters
buy from him, at no cost to his clients.

This is a generous offer indeed.

To contact Lee, telephone him toll-free at 1-800-835-6000,
e-mail him at, or go to his Internet site,
which is being updated:

To qualify, identify yourself as a GATA supporter seeking
Lee's special offers. Check him out and, of course, before
buying anything, compare what he offers with what other
dealers do.

Lee also will provide GATA supporters with free information,
including information about putting coins and precious
metals in your IRA account.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.