New Thunder Road Report denounces market intervention, cites GATA


3:30p ET Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver):

Market analyst Paul Mylchreest's latest Thunder Road Report, published today, elaborating on and denouncing the socialism and fascism destroying Western economies with market intervention, quotes GATA sources at length.

Mylchreest writes that GATA "deserves immense recognition," along with silver market analyst Ted Butler, for exposing market intervention by governments. Mylchreest adds that GATA Chairman Bill Murphy's "Midas" column at the Le Metropole Cafe Internet site "is the first thing I have read every day for six years and not just for gold."

Your secretary/treasurer gets quoted as well for, among other things, his 2008 remark about the pervasiveness of market intervention, a sentiment with which much more respectable observers lately have seemed to concur.

Mylchreest concludes by trying to identify investable assets somewhat beyond the reach of market intervention, much as the British economist Peter Warburton sought to identify such assets in his groundbreaking 2001 essay about market intervention, "The Debasement of World Currency: It Is Inflation but Not as We Know It":

Mylchreest's new report is more or less titled "I'll Be in Galt's Gulch When Atlas Shrugs" and it is posted at GATA's Internet site here:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


Golden Phoenix Completes Operating Agreement
for Santa Rosa Gold Mine in Panama

Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc. (GPXM) has entered a joint venture operating agreement with Silver Global S.A., a Panamanian corporation, governing the operational and management aspects of their new joint venture company, Golden Phoenix Panama S.A., a Panamanian corporation formed to hold and operate the Santa Rosa gold mine in Canazas, Panama, and explore the mine's adjacent property.

Golden Phoenix will be manager of the joint venture company. Silver Global will handle all social programs, political and community relations, and human resource matters for the joint venture company in Panama. Golden Phoenix and Silver Global also have agreed to work together on all future acquisitions within Panama and to bring such new opportunities to the joint venture company.

Golden Phoenix will be earning in to a 60 percent interest (and potentially an 80 percent interest) in the Santa Rosa mine. Upon signing the joint venture agreement and completing the corresponding acquisition payment, Golden Phoenix will earn an initial 15 percent interest in the joint venture company.

Tom Klein, CEO of Golden Phoenix, says the agreement "creates a solid foundation for the development and planned re-opening of Mina Santa Rosa."

For Golden Phoenix's full statement on the joint venture operating agreement, please visit:

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Sonora Aims to Follow First Majestic's Success
With Silver Mining Exploration in Mexico

Sonora Resources (OTCBB: SURE) is a silver mining exploration company focused on the development of prospective opportunities in Mexico. The company president and CEO is Juan Miguel Rios Gutierrez, who helped build First Majestic Silver Corp., which began trading for pennies and today is at more than $16 per share. Gutierrez was the fourth person to join First Majestic Silver, originally as general manager, then manager for new business initiatives and strategic planning. He left First Majestic Silver to work with Sonora Resources and yet maintains strong contacts with First Majestic. In fact, First Majestic is a large shareholder in Sonora and has a joint venture with the company.

For more information about Sonora Resources, please visit:

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